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Project Description
This project is for our team to educate ourselves on developing 3D programming skills.

**This project is intended for our team to learn 3D XNA techniques **

The majority of our content and code is compiled from tutorials from a number of locations. The art is developed using blender and from watching tutorials on Most of the tutorials followed were created by an extremely talented modeler David Ward.

The majority of the code as it currently stands is from Riemers XNA tutorials.

There is some content and code created or modified by our team at this point however this project is not intended to develop something for retail use. It is only meant for us and others who are interested to learn different ways and techniques of doing 3D game programming.

Based on that information, we are creating a very simple game. We have an alien character who has landed while making crop circles. He needs to navigate through a maze (the crop circles) to find his keys to his ship since he accidentally dropped them. Once he finds them, he must return to the ship and takeoff before the farmer notices he's there.

The game is not intended to be complicated. It is only meant for us to learn the basics of how to generate models, display them, add collision and add minor gameplay elements. Right now we are strictly using blender and XNA 4.0, but might also try our hand at unity3d.

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